3 Sustainable Brands in Hawaii You Should Support

In the past, I've shared eco-friendly goods you can buy from supermarkets in Hawaii.

Today, let's talk about local brands that specialize in sustainable products.

I feel like we have less resources in Hawaii when it comes to sustainable living.

We only have a couple of zero waste shops on the island, few people know about these stores, and even if they know, only a handful would actually shop there regularly.

It's great to see that these stores/brands are gaining more attention, but we can do better and shop more often from them!

It does not matter if you're a kama'aina or visitor, we can all benefit from adding more eco-friendly products into our lives.

1. R Planet

R Planet is a zero waste online store started by local twin sisters.

They have a wide selection of low/zero waste products from kitchen essentials to body care items.

I love browsing their shop as there are so many items I've never seen anywhere else.

The only disadvantage of eCommerce is that you can't see the products in person before purchasing, but all of their products are high-quality, I've never had any issues!

Their packaging are made from post consumer materials, and they're all recyclable!

They will also write you a cute personalized message inside the box, which I think is the best part of supporting a small business❤️

If you reside on Oahu, I highly suggest taking advantage of their "Local Delivery" service. You can check the details about their delivery method here.

They have an option to deliver it "package free," meaning they will hand you the products without any wrapping. If you won't be home for the delivery, leave a bag/box outside of your house for them to drop off the products!

They usually announce their delivery schedule on their Instagram so you can get a better idea of when your products will be delivered.

I bought several things like beeswax wrap, vegan floss (my favorite!), bamboo toothbrush, hair brush, menstrual cup, etc. and I'm really glad to have found their shop!

Using the products they have, you can easily make the eco-friendly swaps in your everyday life.

R Planet



Onekea Bros.

Another brand started by a local family, Onekea Bros, also has eco-friendly products that were produced sustainably.

They have a large selection of locally made products, so supporting their store will also benefit other local creators.

Products they have are mostly minimalistic and aesthetic, I would love to get all of my kitchen/cleaning essentials from here :)

You can buy products online from their website, or visit them at farmer's markets.

They have their pop-up schedule posted here.

I love visiting them at these markets! If you are not sure about how to use their eco-friendly products, you can always ask them in person.

Onekea Bros.




Protea Zero Waste Store

Protea Zero Waste Store is Oahu's first zero waste shop in Kailua, started in June 2020.

They have refill stations with various products, and you can buy them using your own containers.

They have anything from cleaning essentials to skincare products, such as detergent, glass cleaner, soap, face oil, sunscreen...and so on.

You can find the list of their refill products here.

This is a great way to reduce waste and reuse containers.

You can't return the products once you pour them into your containers (obviously), so I recommend getting small amounts to try out if you've never used them before!

They carry popular brands such as Ecos and Raw Elements

How does the refill station work?

1. Bring your own containers - I usually bring more than I think I need just in case.

Any containers with lids would work, I've used peanut butter jar, mason jar, makeup remover bottle, ice cream container, etc.

I suggest using containers made from glass, so it's easy to disinfect before/after.

2. Weigh the empty containers with the scale and write down the weight on the masking tape they have.

3. Fill them with the products you want.

4. Check out and take them home!

If you don't have any containers at home, they have a few types of containers at the store available for purchase.

You can also get glass jars from Walmart, Target, or Ben Franklin.

Besides the refill station, they sell eco-friendly products:

Lunch box, dish brush, utensils, shampoo/conditioner bars, etc.

They're super cute and fun to look at :)

I've been also eyeing out these makeup products from Elate Cosmetics

They're vegan, cruelty-free, and B-Corporation...what more can you ask for?

The products also come in low waste package, so this is a must for a sustainable makeup routine!

Protea Zero Waste Store

Address:35 Kainehe St Unit 102, Kailua, HI 96734

Phone:(808) 744-0184




I hope you found this article helpful in making eco-friendly swaps :)

As always, don't forget to follow me on Instagram @hinainhawaii to learn more about sustainability and wellness.

Thank you for reading!