Eco-Friendly Goods You Can Buy at Supermarkets in Hawaii (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered where you can get all the eco-friendly goods to start your sustainability journey?

Well, there are lots of sustainable goods you can buy at a local grocery store.

If you don't have the time or don't feel committed enough to visit the zero waste shop, just swing by the supermarket to get your hands on some of the essentials.

Don't worry if you live outside of Hawaii, I'm sure you can find similar products at stores in any states :)

Whole Foods Market

This supermarket sells not only natural/organic foods but also many eco-friendly items!

There are locations in Kahala, Kakaako, and Kailua so it's easy to access regardless of where you are.

1. Bulk Soap

These locally-made soaps are super colorful and fun to look at.

They are located in the middle of the cosmetics section, so you won't miss them!

From relaxing lavender to tropical pineapple, there is a scent for everyone.

It also makes a perfect gift :)

You can pick the size you want and pay by the weight.

This is a great way to eliminate plastic wrapping!

2. Soap Dish

When buying a solid soap, don't forget the soap tray!

It's so easy for a soap to get soft and melt when left directly on the countertop.

A soap dish is the perfect solution to prevent the soap from melting and instead making it last longer.

Also it's a lot easier to clean the soap dish than the entire sink smothered in the melted soap😅

This soap dish pictured on the left is made from bioplastic with corn!

You can learn more about them here.

3. Menstrual Cup

For any women who are looking to rethink period...

This is the best period product I've ever discovered!

Menstrual cup can replace the regular tampons/pads.

I know the initial cost seems a little more expensive than buying pads/tampons.

BUT, you can wash and reuse the menstrual cup over and over, and it can last up to 10 years if maintained properly.

Some studies show that on average, women use about 10,000 period products.

Just by switching to the menstrual cup, you can reduce so much waste.

Most brands have different sizes, so be sure to read the label before buying!

4. Reusable Straws

I was surprised by how much straws Whole Foods carries.

There are so many types of straws, from colorful silicone to stainless steel.

Here are some things to think about when deciding on the straw type:

Metal Straws



・Easy to clean

・Easy to carry


・It gets too hot/cold depending on the beverage temperature

Silicone Straws



・Bendable - easier for kids to drink


・Bendable - could be annoying for adults

This silicone straw comes with a case↓

5. Skincare/Makeup from Pacifica

Pacifica is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand that sells skincare and makeup products.

I love their products and most importantly, their recycling program!

Mail them the empty containers following the simple steps and make sure these plastic get recycled properly.

I've been using some of their products, and here is one of them:

Cherry Matte Mattifying Primer

It is pretty affordable and a lot cheaper than other high-end makeup brands.

Some products do have strong scents, so I would not recommend this if you don't like scented products.

Other than that, this primer sinks to the skin quickly and prepares the skin for foundation/any makeup afterwards well.

It's a matte type so perfect for anyone with oily/combination skin.

Down to Earth

Another great supermarket that focuses on natural and healthy foods.

I always thought they only had foods and supplements but found out they have a lot of eco-friendly goods too!

1. Produce Bag

You can use this to replace the mini plastic bags used for veggies/fruits.

These bags from Aina Life is so aesthetic, I don't personally own one but really recommend them.

Inside, it indicates the weight of the bag so the cashier can subtract the bag weight when checking out.

2. Portable Utensil Set

This year, I've eaten take-away foods in the car countless times and these utensil sets come in so handy!

This particular set has chopsticks, fork, spoon, and knife.

It also has the snap hook on the back so it's easy to attach to a purse/lunch bag/etc.

They have a smaller size for kids too!

When I don't need to use all of them, I carry around only chopsticks/spoons.

3. Cleaning Items from Full Circle

Full Circle has a variety of eco-friendly cleaning items from dish brush to walnut sponge.

They are also available online, but I'm glad I can see the products in person.

4. Sunscreen from Little Hands

Created as an alternative to harmful sunscreen full of chemicals, Little Hands' sunscreen are made only from natural ingredients.

They are kids and reef-safe!

All products come in a plastic-free containers too:)

5. Accessories from Terra Natural Design

Products from Terra are handmade by indigenous people in the Amazon Rainforest.

They strive to preserve the traditions and protect the environment.

Their accessories such as earring and headbands are made from powerful seeds, nuts, and berries instead of plastics, and they incorporate traditional designs that are preserved for centuries.

By choosing their brand, you are supporting the good cause!

I honestly didn't know anything about this brand before I bought this headband.

But I'm so glad I did, as I love their values and what they're doing for the Amazon.

I will be sharing part 2 of this series, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading till the end :)